Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Baby of the Star

The following poem was written by Tim Muckian, a volunteer with the Takin’ It to the Streets program of South Loop Campus Ministry. He usually stays at the Pacific Garden Mission on the Near South Side. Tim is a member at Grace Place Episcopal Church, where SLCM hosts the Takin’ It the Streets program, and he always brightens the mood with his off-color jokes and proudly Irish heritage. Tim has been writing poems for Christmas for a number of years, and this is the one for this year. Many thanks are do due to him for sharing this with all of us.

The Baby of the Star
Christmas time is almost here
A day we all hold so dear.

Three wise men traveled every so far
To find the baby of the star.

They found the baby while at rest
Nuzzled to his Mother’s breasts.

She held him close and with such love
Then gave him a kiss, and a tender hug.

Then placed him back where he laid
On a bed made of hay.

Not much of place for a new born King
The ruler of everything.

But all the same he came to be
Part of the Holy Trinity.

He’s the one who loves you most
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

So wherever you come from, and wherever you are
On Christmas Day drop to your knees and pray
For the baby of the star.

By Timothy Joseph Muckian

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