Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Lessons I Learned from Dad

It may come a day late, but I was hoping that a Father's Day card I wrote four years would somehow reappear in my parents' house in Pennsylvania. My plan was to copy down the text and upload it to this blog.  My ever-suffering mother couldn't find it, which means that  it can't be found. Period.

In any case, when I was wishing my dad a happy Father's Day from 700 miles away, we did come up with a majority of the points from that card. I had written it early on the morning of a Sunday in June 2008, just before I left for my summer internship at a church 30 miles away. I recall that it remained on my folks' refrigerator for a year or two.

10. Anything can be fixed with enough duct tape. 
9. Keep that left arm straight, your head down, and enjoy the walk. 
7. It's not so weird to have Enya, the Who, and Jay-Z on the same playlist. 
6. Don't point that muzzle at nobody. 
5. 99% of lawyers give the other 1% a bad name. 
4. Once you've spread few yards of tanbark, you're allowed a few cuss words now and again. 
3. Knowing why the guy need $10 for gas isn't as important as actually giving him $10 for gas. 
2. If your crazy idea didn't work out, then it probably came your own head and not from God. 
1. Remember to treat the janitor the exact same way you treat the bishop.

Thanks, Dad, for all the lessons over the years. I bet you've got some more for me yet to come.